Vietnam’s coffee hotspots

Vietnam is famous for many things and coffee is certainly one of the top contenders. Being a slight coffeeaholic I wallowed in coffee shops all over the country and, without realising it, I started taking pictures of all our favourite beverages. So it only seemed natural to make a post of all our favourite coffee spots – enjoy!

Independent cafes

Ho Chi Minh

Little HaNoi Egg Coffee
Head down a dark alley and if you think you’re about to get murdered then you’re in the right place! This cafe is adorable with the best egg coffee in the city. Magically compact – a small apartment over three floors this cafe hosts one of the best egg coffee in the city! With warm welcoming staff this cafe has the personal touch with it’s furnishings and free biscuits ( always a bonus ) The origins of egg coffee came from the inflation of sweet milk in the early 20th century so savy Vietnamese created an egg mixture to compensate for this in the north of the country, and the egg coffee was born! Our fav – the egg coffee

Little HaNoi Egg Coffee, District 1, Ho Chi Ming City


This city is full of incredible coffee shops hence maybe why it’s nick name is the Paris of Asia. However this one really stood out for us;
Breakfast and Brew
Set in a cosy street in the French quarter it doesn’t just offer great drip coffee but also a fantastic breakfast menu, always great when you’ve just fallen off night bus. Slight more up market than other coffee shops in town but a peaceful location to escape the tourists. However I failed to grab a coffee or food pic but there’s a cute dog pic instead!

Breakfast and Brew, Dalat

Hoi An

Ok we went slightly coffee crazy here and yes many of the coffee shops were more towards tourists than locals, but the Vietnamese coffee was still to die for!

U Cafe Hoi An
Looking out on Thi Bom river this is the perfect hideaway from the chaotic town centre. The design of the cafe is set over two floors with a little pond creatively designed into the floor on the top level. Great simple cafe menu with all the traditional Vietnamese cafe favourites. Our fav – coconut ice cream coffee ( it was so good I had two! )

U Cafe, Hoi An

Phin Coffee
If there was a digital nomad coffee house in Vietnam this would be it. Great sheltered out door space for either an afternoon coffee or cracking on with some work, if you don’t get distracted by their endless coffee menu. In the centre of town down a little side street, another good location to escape the throng of tourists.

Phin Coffee, Old Town, Hoi An

Reaching Out Tea House
Chucking in a curve ball here but this is a beautiful location for tea! Yes they do we’ve coffee but you should really order a tea which arrives in an intricate tea set ( check out the photos) This cafe main mission is to support locals with hearing disabilities, they’ve cleverly set up cards to ask questions and order on each of the tables. This is a charming, peaceful cafe were the profits go towards charities to support disabilities within Vietnam. Our fav – ice green tea

Reaching Out Tea House, Old Town, Hoi An

Hoi An Roastery
This coffee chain is everywhere in Hoi An but it is not to be sniffed at! Serving a fantastic range of western and Vietnamese coffee with warm welcoming staff, a great place to stop off in the midday sun during a tailor tour of the town.


Maison Marou
This place doesn’t have just serious coffee but also it’s own chocolate and cake kitchen – for all you sweet tooth lovers out there this place should be number one to visit in Vietnam. As well as being an beautifull French styled and branded coffee house it also allows you to watch the many chocolate slabs being freshly prepared in their kitchen. If you order one their cakes, these are also freshly topped and decorated per order. Our fav – classic hot chocolate

Maison Marou Hanoi

Coffee chains

Vietnamese coffee pride and joy, this is Vietnams version of Starbucks but without the bad coffee. It’s located in every major town and city throughout the country. Here you’ll find coffee that makes your head pop at seriously good prices. Our fav – Sweet milk ice coffee

Cong Ca Phe
Vietnams most low key coffee chain with beautiful traditional highland decor and soft furnishings through the cafe, this place is slightly more upmarket and caters towards a range of local speciality coffees. Our favourite location was in Hanoi, Cau Go road, were you can watch the busy city pass you by. Our fav – Coconut ice cream coffee – of course 😉

Cong Ca Phe, Old Town, Hanoi

The Note Cafe
We saw only two of these coffee shops so maybe not technically a chain, but we needed more locations in this part of the post so here it is! A quirky cafe where you can write your messages and leave them dotted around the cafe. A small and personal cafe at great backpacker prices with locations being in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh city and the Old town in Hanoi. Our fav – the breakfast deal Banh Mi with a coffee of your choice – the egg coffee or hot coconut drip coffee was a winner.

The Note Cafe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

The Note Cafe, Old Town, Hanoi

Hope you njoed the post, we would love to get your comments below!

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  • Rachel Wright

    It ‘s worth going to Vietnam just for the coconut ice cream coffee !!!
    Did you have room in your backpack to bring some coffee home ?

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