Valparaiso – a surprising city

Valparaíso is Chiles not so secret gem. Set an hour away from Chile’s capital, Santiago, this town is located in the hills and next to one of Chile’s colonial ports.

Why is Valparaíso so special? The majority of the town is a traditional Chilean port town however, spread across a couple of hills is a part of the city that has grown to be one of Chiles leading arts and literature scenes. With the poet Pablo Nerudas house – now a museum – being located here as well as a thriving street art scene, it is now named a UNESCO heritage site as well as being a fantastic place to eat, chill, drink coffee and get lost in the intertwining streets filled with art.

Every door way is filled with colour, patterns and plants.

Design studios are also dotted around the town. We loved the cat in this particular one!

One of our favourite hostels was also located here – Planeta Linda – it had fantastic and welcoming staff, a great view over the bay, lovely airy rooms and a great kitchen dining roof terrace. Would recommend to anyone looking to stay here on a budget!

Our favourite bar for a spritz and an awesome view – The Brighton House

A beautiful and safe space to walk around and would recommend to anyone looking to get out of the city for a bit of chill time.

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