Meeting mates and Maid Marian in Melbourne

A few hours after leaving Sydney we were being chauffeured by non other than Mr Hulbert! One of Siys besties from his time at uni in Norwich. Ryan and Marion had just moved into their own place and we were honoured to be their first guests. They had very kindly bought us some travel cards so we jumped on the tram and headed into town to meet Marian in… you guessed it, an Irish pub! (Marion is Irish btw) a few ciders later and we headed to the beach to check out Australia’s most famous bird. The penguin! There’s a small colony that have made a home in the rocks off the coast in Melbourne. We then grabbed a bit to eat and headed home where we spent the evening introducing Ryan and Marian to Monopoly. It got competitive…

Day 2 we went for another amazing brunch in a place that came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. Melbourne’s food and coffee is next level! We took a quick wander around the amazing and newly refurbed public library before soaking in the history of Melbourne on a great free walking tour. Ryan and Marian had never done one so everyone learnt something! The tour ended in a really sweet location – an amazing panoramic view of the city. We then headed for riverside then rooftop drinks before heading home for takeaway burgers and you guessed it… More Monopoly!

The next day we jumped in the car. Road trip! Before we knew it we were in an amazing spa with nearly a dozen pools, each one a little hotter than before. It was the perfect way to unwind and catch up. Then we headed to wine regain where we had an amazing tasting session with the keenest sommelier ever. This guy really loved his job and was incredibly knowledgable. After buying a couple of bottles we made our merry way home!

The next day we had the day to ourselves so had a wander around the Uber cool hipster area of Fitzrovia, enjoying a delicious gluten free roof top beer before heading to a sneaky speak easy for cocktails. Who knew that a generic brown door down an alley would be the entrance to an amazing cocktail bar! Very cool. That evening Marian cooked up a fajita feast and we enjoyed an evening on the sofa watching Wreck it Ralph. It really is the simple things sometimes.

On the last day we went for a juicy steak and a lovely glass of wine in a swanky spot in town. It was so nice meeting Marian and spending time with Ryan. They’re both smashing it in Melbourne and it was special to get a glimmer into the amazing life they’re building for themselves.

Australia was a really special part of our trip. The chance to relax amongst friends after a whirlwind trip in South America was just what the doctor ordered. It was wonderful to see 2 amazing cities through the eyes of some of our best friends and remind ourselves that even though we may be on different sides of the world, the bonds of friendship are still as strong as ever.

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