Island of the long cloud – New Zealand

New Zealand was beautiful. So much that we had to have a separate post for just our pictures. The landscape was ever changing from rolling yellow tundras to aggressively rising peaks on the coast, we hope you enjoy these landscapes as much as we did.

These rocks, amazingly named the Pancake rocks, have been formed with large amounts of mud at one time being compressed into ‘sheets’ rock or ‘pancake’ forms.

Arthur’s Pass – waterfall hunting

Look out from across lake Pukaki towards Mt Cook. We visited this mountain from both sides, first from the coasts but unfortunately we had bad weather. The second from inland but we were just that too far away to hike it!

Mt Cook

Some of our best pictures were taken from inside the car. We were on such a short time scale getting from one place to the next, there was no time to stop every time we saw an incredible landscape. Which was basically every 10 minutes!

On the road
Quing to go under the mountain on the way to Milford Sound.

Milford sound was located on the coast of Fiordland National park. The biggest national park in New Zealand but with only a handful of roads going through it is incredibly tricky to visit. However this is probably for the best as it’s home to the endangered Kea bird.

New Zealand is called Island of the Long Cloud in Maori. If you visit you’ll see that the clouds are endless across the islands.


The waters of Makarora gorge were incredible! The colour was so hard to capture on photo but you’ll just have to believe us as the most clear turquoise, icy cold of course, waters we had ever seen.

On top of Ben Lomond – Queenstown
Queenstown down below

These photos were from hiking up Ben Lomond in Queenstown. As it was early in the day the clouds had yet to rise, so we were incredibly lucky to see an ‘inversion’ were the peaks are above the clouds.

Lake Matheson in Fox Glacier was so calm we managed to get a perfect reflection of the mountains, just before the rain came down!

If you haven’t already been to New Zealand we hope some day you’ll get to experience this beautiful country. Thanks for reading!

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