Best Yoga in Ubud – three different locations, three different experiences

Ubud – the home of yoga in South East Asia. This little town had more yoga classes, training courses and meditation centres than I thought was possible in such a small location. With Bali being a very religious and spiritual island – famously for having hundreds of temples – it’s the perfect spiritual home for yoga in Indonesia.

These three yoga studios I’ve selected are distinctly different from one another, thus hopefully helping you selected the right type of studio for you.

Yoga Barn

Vast timetable with a wide range of styles, great social space.

This place is huge – I almost want to say cult like – split over different levels within it’s complex it’s a great place to meet like minded yogis in their amazing restaurant, chill out spaces and training courses. This place has an extensive timetable with an average 40-50 people in a class, personally too crowded for myself and lacking that one to one experience with the teacher. However there are a lot more avant garde classes as well as some great arts and music events during festivals.

1 class – 130,000 IDR
3 classes – 360,000 IDR
5 classes – 550,000 IDR

Cash and card accepted

Intuitive flow

Traditional and mediative with a spectacular view.

Beautiful location with a view over the tree tops during your practice. I found this space to be a perfect mid range studio with classes having around 25-30 people allowing the teacher to go round and advise during your practice. It is mainly meditative and traditional Balinese yoga classes but you’re in Bali, so why not try something different! Their Yoga Pranala class is a traditional Balinese take on yoga combined with meditation.

1 class – 120,000 IDR
5 classes – 400,000 IDR

Cash only

Taksu Yoga

Intimate in a beautiful and tranquil setting.

The location is to die for. I know it’s all about the practice but the location always helps you get in the ‘zone’. The class takes place at the bottom of a gorge, which is surprisingly well hidden being in the centre of town. The classes are very intimate with around 2-5 people per a class. I was the only one in my class at the time which was fantastic as you’re really able to refine your practice with a more personal approach from the tutor.

1 class – 130,000 IDR
5 classes – 480,000 IDR

Cash and card accepted

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