Bali at it’s best

Bali was beautiful. We didn’t venture much further than the village of Ubud but that was perfect for us looking for some relaxation time with a little bit of culture and yoga in between.

We were lucky to find a fantastic Air B&B in between the famous rice fields. Tucked away from the tourist streets we chilled amongst the flowers, and with our own pool of course 😉

Here’s a selection of our favourite pictures from the five day trip, enjoy!

Views from the villa

We sent a fantastic day out with our guide – Gusti. Who came highly recommended by the family! He was incredibly patient with us and full filled our jam packed itinerary of the surrounding temples, waterfalls and local artisans.

Gusti the guide!
Heading into Bhomas mouth!
A Bhoma is a spirit within the Hindu religion and especially placed in entryways in temples.

We headed to the Monkey Sanctuary for the afternoon in the hope of spotting some monkeys around the temples. Well we were on for a surprise! There were monkeys everywhere…

Planning ahead Simon bought treats aka Bananas, in case we got hungry. However if there’s one snack a monkey loved its a banana!

After the bananas in Simons bag!
Purification fountains

Our fabulous guide also took us to a traditional Balinese dance. The dance was thrilling and inspiring in regards to the variety of textures and colours used throughout the dance.

The original foundations of a Buddhist temple where now a Hindutemple lies. If you look closely you can see where a Buddha statue has been pushed down into the valley during a religious uprising.

And that completes our trip! Visit Ubud Bali, it’s a must, and if you are in need of a guide check out Gusti Tripadvisor page for details – The Bali Explorer

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